Mat Pilates classes set in a tropical open-air space on the Sunshine Coast.


Get your whole body moving and get your heart rate going with dynamic flows and transitions or try diving into slower sequences to really focus on form and those smaller muscles that are so important for balance and stability.


Workouts that are all about feeling good and grounded,

getting stronger and having fun!

Health, fitness, happiness

The Pilates Practice

All sessions at Halo Pilates are designed to improve posture and balance, build lean, toned muscle and challenge the mind-body connection.

If you want to achieve specific goals, come in for a fitness assessment and we can personalise your routine to suit your needs.

And yes, if you are a beginner you can (and should!) start your pilates journey. You’ll notice the difference in only a few sessions.*

* Sessions can be modified to suit every type of body and fitness stage. However it is recommended that you attend classes only if you are in good physical health with no major injuries or if you have been cleared to take on this type of exercise from your physician.

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things”

- Joseph Pilates

Pilates in Paradise

Halo Pilates Studio is set on a beautiful property in Wurtulla Sunshine Coast.

Practice Mat Pilates on a shaded outdoor deck, surrounded by tropical plants, with the sounds of birds and the sea in the air.

Mama of 2 and a bit of a nomad soul that has roots in one too many places.

I started practicing Pilates after undergoing surgery for a lower back injury and fell in love with this modality of exercise. But it wasn’t until after the complicated birth of my second little one that I decided to dedicate myself to Pilates by becoming an instructor.

I’m Polestar trained and have sided with instructors in Sydney, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Everyday I’m amazed by the difference that practising Pilates makes to people’s bodies, minds and energy levels. I hope to be able to connect with and inspire as many people as possible to find that connection, that grounding and all those benefits that come with practicing Pilates on a regular basis.

A little about me

From Mum to Pilates Pro

Halo Pilates Services

Group Classes

Varied, fun, social.


Focus on you.

Corporate events

Stronger core, stronger bonds.

Pregnancy & Postnatal

Tailored for pre and post baby self care.

Class Types

Mens and women’s classes available
Call to check availability and book

*Times may vary depending on participation.
More sessions can being added and we can tailor times to your availability.

If you’d like to request a time or a one-on-one session, please get in touch.

Want to give it a go? Claim your $10 trial.

Group classes Pricing


$ 18 1 Session


$ 80 5 x Sessions
  • Only $16 a class


$ 150 10 x Session
  • Only $15 a class


Phone: 0466 266100
7 Ngama St, Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast

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